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EZappt is a private, employee owned company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. We are dedicated to providing the efficiency of online scheduling to all types of businesses. We operate on a monthly subscription basis to allow companies to provide online scheduling for their customers, employees, students and other variables. With online scheduling you may avoid much of the labor intensive requirements of current scheduling methods. Online scheduling opens all types of businesses 24 hours a day to provide convenient service to their current and prospective clients.

EZappt was developed on the Microsoft .NET platform to take full advantage of the latest technology and communications tools. Our program was initially developed to allow patients to schedule their own appointments at multiple types of medical clinics. As such, HIPAA compliant security was built in from the ground level. Since our inception in 2003, we have developed secure online scheduling for special business applications in over a dozen industries.

Also, visit Medical Club to learn about gaining an easily affordable solution for practice management, electronic medical records and HIPAA compliance to the medical clinic.