Alfa S40

Alfa S40 from Alfa Wasserman Diagnostic Technologies, LLC

Company Profile
- Superior accuracy and precision
Built by Hitachi, the Alfa S40 offers the same accuracy and precision as Hitachi hospital and reference lab grade analyzers, at a fraction of the price.

- Innovative S-Test Reagent Cartridge System
The Alfa S40 features the “S-test cartridge” self-contained reagent delivery system. The S-test cartridge provides cost and time savings and reduces the human error factor.

The 2D barcode contains all reagent and calibration parameters necessary to process the test. All hazardous materials are sealed in the cartridge.

- No Operator calibrations necessary
Calibrations can become a very expensive part of daily specimen processing. The doctor saves time and money by eliminating the need for a calibration, material, and additional paperwork.

- Processing time countdown
The touch screen monitor displays the time remaining for all runs. This allows the operator to have true walk away time and accomplish other tasks.

- Multiple Sample Types
The Alfa S40 can process both serum and plasma sample types (except LDH). Plasma yields a true ability to have results available in real time.

- Superior Customer Service
For the past six years, AWDT has received the Omega NorthFace ScoreBoard AwardSM for its consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

"This unit is a great little machine. The ease of use is amazing, just place the sample and the reagent cartridge and press start. The platform seems like a welcomed addition to any doctor’s office where quality of care, ease of use, profitability, and speed is essential.”

- Dr. Laurence M. Demers, Penn State Univ. College of Medicine


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